Personal Attention for 50 Years!

Lincourt Pharmacy started out as a one-man operation with the simple idea of “building a better mousetrap.” We only knew one

thing; we did not want to emulate the chain pharmacy. The one thing we did well upon starting the business was listening. Because

business was slow, we had plenty of time.

As we listened, we discovered problems that had not been addressed for our customers. Most of these problems were difficult

issues and most pharmacies or pharmacists, did not have the time, or the commitment to investigate. No matter how small,

difficult or complicated, we always provided our customers with choices and alternatives in solving their medication-related


Before we knew it that became our calling card. We have always been ahead of the curve in solutions and technology because our

customers demanded it. Our customers have always fallen outside the norm and required different and innovative pharmacy

solutions. In essence, we service the 10-20% of the community that current medication-solutions just don’t satisfy.

Customized Medications

So, to provide answers and solutions, we became involved in serving the HIV community when it was taboo and are proud to say

that we continue to offer those services to best suit their needs. We have customized (compounded) medications for over 25 years,

from the simple to the very complex in a sterile environment. Some of the most popular customized medications involve:

  • Bio Identical Hormones
  • Pain Management
  • Veterinary
  • Dental
  • Ophthalmic

Assisted Living

We also began providing services to Assisted Living Communities when the ALC’s had no rules or regulations, to safeguard the

residents and provide stability. As time has progressed we have kept abreast of all the government regulations for both ALC and

group homes. We offer courtesy inspections and detailed policy and procedures to aid the homes with compliance and safety


We Solve Difficult Problems

As an Independent Pharmacy, we have worked hard at meeting the needs for those that can’t get the help they need at any other

pharmacy. We have become the pharmacy for those customers who don’t fit the traditional mold. We continue to specialize in

listening and solving difficult problems from medications, insurance, medication packaging, and free delivery needs. We make a

personal commitment to each customer and work hard to satisfy their needs and win their loyalty.

This year is our 40th year in business and we are looking forward to continuing to build individual long-term relationships by

delivering a new community pharmacy experience! Which is why our motto is … “You Call … We Listen!”

Professional Leadership

Lincourt Pharmacy has been owned and operated since 1984 by Louis F. Ladson, RPh. Mr. Ladson is a retired Army Colonel, and

has an extensive pharmacy background. He has served, and continues to serve on multiple Advisory Councils. Mr. Ladson was one of

the first Hospice pharmacists in the Tampa Bay area, and continues to serve as a consultant for them as well as many other

medical service centers.