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Auto Refill – RxSync

Lincourt Pharmacy’s (LPC) is now offering the Refill Reminder Program as a value added service. We are offering this voluntary program to our maintenance medication customers as a convenience, and at no extra charge. The benefits of this program:

  • Medication that you use consistently will be refilled automatically.
  • LPC will contact you when our records indicate time for refills.
  • You will be more compliant in taking your medication as we will make sure you always have your medications available to you.


  • You must be on a consistent, routine medication schedule.
  • You must fill out the Refill Reminder Program enrollment form.
  • You will notice “CP”(Compliance Program) in the “Name” field as a means of universal identification.
  • LPC will call each month to confirm your list of medications.
  • LPC will get authorizations to refill prescriptions so that you will not be without medications.
  • For consistency and convenience, LPC will set up all maintenance medications to be filled on the same specific date each month.
  • LPC will set up any new routine medications the FIRST TIME as a partial fill to catch up with the regular scheduled monthly fill.
  • If you are not ready for a refill, the Pharmacy Technician will need to discuss the reasons why. (i.e. – change in dose, medication discontinued, etc.) If you are experiencing any problems (i.e. – side effects, adverse reactions, therapy concerns, etc.), the Pharmacist will take over the call.
  • If you are simply non-compliant, we can try to help you over come the obstacles in your way to becoming compliant. (i.e. – side affects timing, personal concerns, forgetfulness, etc.)
  • If forgetfulness is an issue, we offer another special packaging option, which is a multi-dose packaging system divided by date and time.

We will offer a reward to those customers who are on the program for 3 consecutive months.

Printable Automatic Monthly Refill ENROLLMENT FORM

Please print it out, then fill out and return to our pharmacy.


I am so thankful for your concern and efforts in getting the medication my daughter needed compounded so quickly! I felt you should know how diligently the people in the compounding department and the retail staff worked to get the medications to me.

Bette Hayes