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Assisted Living & Group Homes

Lincourt Assisted Living Pharmacy offers the perfect medication administration solution for patient safety and compliance for residents in assisted living and group homes. Each package includes:

  • the resident’s name
  • administration date and time
  • medication name
  • dosage
  • doctor’s name
  • prescription number
  • medication description

Lincourt Assisted Living understands the special pharmacy requirements of Assisted Living Communities and Group Homes. We will work with your home to provide assistance while conforming to AHCA, HRS, and APD regulations. Our main goal is to aid you in improving your patient health care, as well as ensuring your residents’ safety, thus decreasing your liability.


Your dedication to making sure we get our prescriptions in a timely manner is outstanding! And, if we have a question, you do everything in your power to give us the answer. Thank you so much!!!!

Peggy Z